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About us

EO Sports Gear was established in 2004 when we saw a need for American made Apparel and Support Gear for the Powerlifting Community and it's Athletes.  The Original name of our company is Extreme Obsession, we later became known as EO Sports Gear.  To be a Powerlifter, CrossFitter, Strong Man or Body Builder it takes Extreme Obsession in pursuit to become the best you can be.

We are very proud to be affiliated with some great teams and people in this arena.  Garage Ink Powerlifting, PurePowerlifting, CTPowerFit, just to name a few.  We look to grow from coast to coast as we travel from venue to venue for meets and competitions.  Our objective is to give the athletes American Made Gear, Strong Quality with Fresh and ever changing Designs in our Apparel.
We will always have the best prices on our apparel because we own our printing shop and create the designs ourselves rather than farming this out as our competition does.  If you are a meet director reach out to us and see for yourself how much you can save on your meet shirts.  Many have and are very happy with the results and continue to come back to us.